Friday, February 13, 2015

Coping with a loss

When a person experiences a loss of a loved one, they go through different stages of the grieving process.  They may not go through all five or in any order, but they do go through it.  After watching the video "5th Quarter", give 3 examples from the video that describe the different stages.  The stages include:
1. Denial
2. Anger
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance


  1. 1. when the doctor wants to turn the machine off and the dad doesn't want to accept the fact luke is dead.
    2.when the brother dropped everything off the table in the bar.
    3.when they accepted to donate the organs but they tell them to let everyone say bye to him first.
    4.when the brother wanted to quick football because he was very affected by the death of his brother.
    5.when johns was about to play the ACC championship final and his brother said that he had already dedicated every other game to luke but i want you to play this one for you they are already done accepting lukes death they dopnt want his to carry with that for the rest of his life.

  2. 1)Denial- When the dad got to the accident asking if they've seen his some hoping they'd say no.
    2)Anger- When the lady asked if they wanted to donate his organ.
    3)Bargaining- When they donated the organs but wanted to let everyone say goodbye first.
    4)Depression- The dad was always crying and sad because of the loss.
    5)Acceptance- When the brother was playing a game and everyone was putting up the number

  3. Denial-dad dont accept the fact luck is dead
    Anger-the lady asked if they wanted to donate the organ
    Bargaining-when they donate the organs but first everybody wanted to say bye
    Depression-the dad cries for the lost of his kid
    Acceptance-when brother were about to play everybody in stage were putting a number .

  4. 1.) Denial-The father asking the police/ambulance if they'd seen his son hoping he'd been ok.
    2.) Anger-When the brother slammed and cleared off the table in the restaurant
    3.) Bargaining- When the family was at the hospital and decided that they were going to give up the organs but they wanted everyone who had came over to say goodbye.
    4.) Depression- When the brother was indecisive on whether he should quit the football team because of his brothers death.
    5.) Acceptance- When the older brother wore his deceased brothers number on his jersey in the game for a remembrance that he's stll with them.

  5. Danial-luck is dead and his dad dont accept it
    Anger-when brother threw everything on da table
    Bargaining-donates organs but wanted to say bye
    Depression-wanting to quit football cause his brothers death
    Acceptance-when brother played championship especially wanting to win for hisbrother

  6. christian williamsOctober 2, 2015 at 8:48 AM

    denial- the family didn't want to take him of the life support
    anger-the brother pushed the beer off the table in the bar
    bargaining-they said they would donate the organs but everybody had to say bye to him first
    depression-the mom was sitting in the dark
    acceptance-the brothers were remembering good memories about their brother

  7. 1) they didnt want to disconnect the machines even though Lukes dead already.
    2) the dad was fighting the cops
    3) they had to let lukes friends and teachers say goodbye to him
    4) mom cleaning lukes bed
    5) they decide to donate lukes organs

  8. 1.denial- the doctor said Luke was brain dead so they had to disconnect him but his parents had hope.
    2.anger-luke's brother got mad at the bar and threw everything off the table
    3.bargaining-luke's parents made a deal with the doctor that before disconnecting luke they had to let his friends, coaches, and teachers say goodbye to him one last time.
    4.depression- after Luke's mom cleaned his room she sat on the edge of the bed and just stared into space, crying thinking of Luke when he was a child.
    5.acceptance- they finally decided it would be best to donate Luke's organs

  9. 1 . Anger - Luke's brother breaks all the glasses at the bar.
    2 . Bargaining - In the hospital with all Luke's loved ones saying goodbye for the last time.
    3.Acceptance-Luke's brother accepts he is gone.

  10. Denial-when the dad is on the phone.
    Anger-When the dad is yelling at the police he needs to see is his son.
    Bargaining-when the coach is bargaining with john and john says i don't know.
    Depression-When john is drinking and wipes everything off the table.
    Acceptance-When john is on the field playing football to his best.

  11. Denial-The parents couldn't believe that their son/brother got hurt.
    Anger-The brother at the bar got mad.
    Bargaining-Letting everyone who came to see Luke say goodbyes.
    depression-The mother being in her sons bed left her crying.
    acceptance- When the dad tells Luke's brother to play for himself and no longer for his brother